You’re ready to take on a full kitchen remodel. You’ve browsed through magazines, watched reality kitchen remodeling shows, have searched popular websites, and pinned the design ideas you envision for your new kitchen. Now you need to search for a kitchen designer who can turn your vision into a reality.

What is the Role of a Kitchen Designer?

A good kitchen designer will help you work through your plans and help you communicate them to the installation team so everything goes as expected. When trying to stick to a timeline and budget, he or she will help you determine which aspects of your design are must-haves and which are optional. A good designer will be your strongest, most knowledgeable advocate, when it comes to working through the myriad of design choices you will have to make before your dream kitchen come true.

What to Look For

So, what should you look for when considering a kitchen designer? Here are a few tips to consider.

Testimonials and Reviews

Getting a referral from family or friends who have recently completed a kitchen remodel is a good place to start.  But don’t stop there.  Ask your preferred designer if you can speak with recent clients that they have worked with.  If they can give a few names rather quickly, it’s clear that they are confident in their work and have met deadlines, budgets, and expectations in the past.

Read online reviews. And just like when you look at reviews for any product or service, take them with a grain of salt. The majority of reviews should be unique and positive. If there are a few outliers, look to see if the company has responded, demonstrated concern for the customer, and tried to take action to ensure their satisfaction.

Do They Understand Your Vision?

You will need to be straightforward on aspects of your kitchen design that you want.  An experienced kitchen designer will listen to your ideas and concepts.  They will ask questions regarding general needs, like storage, your lifestyle, cooking style, and aesthetic desires.  A good designer will then offer advice and guide you through the design process to achieve a final kitchen design that will guarantee satisfaction for both you and your budget.

Can They Work Within Your Budget?

And speaking of budget, a kitchen remodel can be expensive.  There are no set rules on what a kitchen will cost.  Every decision you make – choice of cabinetry, finishes, and final details – all add to the overall cost of your new kitchen.  An experienced kitchen designer can work with virtually any budget and give you choices that will collectively fall within your budget and achieve the outcome you’re after.

Technical Knowledge is Critical

There are many quality kitchen designers who use advanced design programs to construct a conceptual design that looks amazing.  That really helps you visualize the kitchen you are designing.

Technical knowledge is also critical. Ask whether the designer has knowledge of buildings and construction materials? More specifically, do they have experience with your particular style of home so they can anticipate any installation issues that could arise. It is not uncommon for unexpected items to surface as the kitchen goes through various stages of the redesign. If your designer has run into these problems in the past and knows best how to deal with them, your chances of sticking to your original budget and timeline increase significantly.

Communication Skills

Not only does a kitchen designer need to communicate every aspect of the final kitchen design to you so there are no surprises, they also need to be available and capable of communicating these details to your installer, contractor, and sub-contractors.

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